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Duke's Favorite Whore Clayra Beau on Facial Abuse

Now this is a interesting one, Clayra actually knocked on our studio door trying to spread the good word. Once she entered the Den of Darkness, she became curious. Curiosity always gets the cat. After a long drawn out conversation it was time to shine the light. This is our attempt to liberate this bedazzled soul. Unfortunately, one must be ready not only to face off with Red, but ultimately come face to face with their own repressed issues. Which in most cases are repressed in order to cope with the life they live. Once Red's Shaft of Truth penetrated deep into her being there was nothing but the purging of years of repressed tears. Even after this catharsis experience instead of being grateful for helping her on her journey of self discovery she has since said many mean and hurtful things... hahaha! Well, Miss Beau, maybe next time you will have the Brass Ovaries to dance with the Devil... Until then, go fuck yourself... Cheers World.

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